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Stairs, Steps, Ramps, Sand Pathways, Narrow doorways and Narrow hallways

are present on our Scare Trail.


To AVOID LONG LINES please take advantage of our

Opening Weekend or arrive after 9pm.  


 If you are in Line by our posted "Closing Time" You WILL get to go through the attraction.


 PARKING Lot  is located on the West side of the park.  (Look for the signs.) Free Parking


 TICKETS can be purchased at the ticket booth. Ticket booth opens at 7 pm.


 You will walk through the trail with the GROUP that you arrived with.  

If your group is larger than 12, you may be split up.  


 If you or someone in your group needs ASSISTANCE, please don't hesitate to ask. 


 SAFETY is our #1 Priority, please let us know if you have any concerns.



  • 1. No weapons of any kind
  • 2. No Smoking, Vaping, alcohol or illegal substances permitted.
  • 3. No food or beverages allowed inside attraction.
  • 4. No cameras, flashlights, lasers, lighters or cellphone cameras allowed in attraction.
  • 5. Closed Toed shoes Only.  NO Flip Flops or Sandals. 
  • 6. Do not touch ANYONE or ANYTHING  inside our attractions.  Security will remove you immediately.
  • 7. Line jumping could result in expulsion from our attractions.  Place holding in line is not permitted.
  • 8.  The Haunted Amusement Park is not responsible for any lost, broken or stolen items.
  • 9. You will be exposed to graphic scenes of violence, loud noises, intense strobe effects, and extended periods in total darkness. 
  • 10.  Patrons who are pregnant, persons with heart, back, seizure or breathing problems should not enter. 
  • 11. Children under 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • 12. By entering any of our attractions you are giving consent to be filmed and/or photographed.  You also give permission for those videos and or/ photos to be reproduced and used by The Haunted Amusement Park for promotional purposes. 
  • 13. There are NO refunds for any reason……NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are too scared to go in or too scared to continue, then a job well done by our staff!
  • 14.  NO abusive language or unruly behavior.    
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